Engine PRIME v1.5.0 adds a brand new Sync Manager, metadata batch editing and track preview, making it easier than ever to prepare music for use on Denon DJ’s Engine OS enabled devices.

Calling all DJs, now there’s even more reasons to change your rider with the announcement of Engine PRIME v1.5 – the desktop software for Denon DJ’s Engine OS enabled devices and the largest feature release to date. This update greatly simplifies the process of transferring music to media devices with an all-new Sync Manager. The update also introduces a significantly improved BPM detection algorithm, track preview, batch editing for track metadata, local collection backup and restore functionality, as well as a number of additional usability improvements and stability enhancements.

Highlights of Engine Prime v1.5.0 are as follows:

Sync Manager

Transferring music to a media device is both simple and fast thanks to the new Sync Manager feature. The Sync Manager window enables users to select multiple Crates and Playlists to export to any connected media device with a single click. It also indicates the space needed for the selected Crates or Playlists as well as the available space for the selected media device. Performance data such as hot cues, loops, and beat grid changes made on Denon DJ Engine OS hardware can also be synced back to the Engine PRIME collection.

New BPM Detection

Algorithm Built from the ground up, Engine PRIME 1.5 features a brand new BPM detection algorithm. The new analysis process is lightning fast and provides highly accurate results. When analysing music in v1.5, users will find both BPM and beat All information subject to change grid downbeat placement are far more accurate than previous versions.*

Track Preview

Users will appreciate a more efficient and fluid way to preview tracks when managing and preparing their music. The track list in v1.5, features a new column for quickly previewing tracks without loading them to the deck. Track preview playback is activated just by clicking on the overview waveform in the track list. The preview waveform column is scalable and provides hot cue markers to help users quickly identify tracks that have already been prepared.

Metadata Batch Edit

Editing track metadata information in Engine PRIME v1.5 can now be done to multiple tracks simultaneously. Users can now select a group of tracks for editing, click the field that needs updating and apply that change to all selected tracks. Batch editing from the track list is intuitive and a big time-saver when it comes to tidying up various sized music collections.

In addition, v1.5 brings the following notable enhancements:

• Local Collection Backup and Restore

• Improved Beat Grid editing

• Deck Eject

• User Preference Support for the Denon DJ SC6000/M, PRIME 2 and PRIME GO

*Tracks will need to be reanalysed in Engine PRIME v1.5 to utilise the new BPM and downbeat algorithm.