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About Medeli

Medeli is an electronic musical instrument developer and manufacturer founded in Hong Kong in 1983.  Driven by our dedication to inspire and empower music enthusiasts to enjoy and grow in music, we achieved early success with electronic keyboards, followed by the development of digital pianos, digital drums, and other digital audio devices, adding more significant dynamics to the product range.  With the belief that full enjoyment of music greatly relies on high-quality musical instruments, we formed an R&D center in Shanghai with the intent of capturing talents in the fast-growing metropolitan city. 


As a result of such strategic decisions, we have successfully developed our own digital signal processor chips which have  now been used in all our products.  In 2006, we moved from the manufacturing facility in Shenzhen to a 100,000 m2 industrial park in Zhuhai.  Plastic injection, metal shop, paint and silkscreen printing, wood processing, PCB assembly, and final production are all encompassed in the industrial park so that we can fully control the process from beginning to end in order to ensure the quality of the product. 


Currently, Medeli has grown into a company of over 1,000 employees and with operations across Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Zhuhai.  The company has gained international recognition over the past 30 years, enjoying distribution in over 90 countries, while our distinctive partnerships promote our expertise within the industry.  With our continuous commitment to the innovation in design and the development of quality sound, we have established a trust among those who share the same values of music appreciation and have become the top 50 leading companies in the worldwide music industry.